Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Well... :)

Well the verdict's out - we're having a baby...

bird:). Just kidding, but isn't this so cute? We've got a family nesting in our hanging plant outside.
ANYWAY, seriously now, the doctor's appointment went well! It was so exciting:).

So far so good! They said the baby is looking healthy!
We're having a baby BOY! :) YIPEE!!!
I sure was proud when I was able to "identify" it was a boy before the ultrasound technician even told us or pointed to it. Ada boy...makin' daddy proud:). We are excited to now know we have a beautiful baby boy on the way.


catherine said...

Dear Mis.camping, I am so happy for you guys:)!I have been waiting for this day so i could find out if it is a girl or a boy, and it is a boy:)He is getting so big :)!I can not wait until I see you:)!

love catherine:)

natasha said...

i am so happy u guys r having a baby boy that is so exciting! u guys will have so much fun with a little son running around! :] u and dustin should be very proud!
(his nickname should be moose) just kidding that would be funny though!!! :]

love u.....
...............natie pie and da moose ! :]

email me! bye bye!

ps did u get the package i sent u?????

Grandma Camping said...

Well this news came as no suprise. I called it :) I'm battin 100 so far. One of each how blessed am I as a grandma. I love HIM so much already.
More than excited for you both and praying daily for a healthy delivery.
Dustin Jr........ I love it and you both:)

See you soon yippeeee

Ryan and Erin said...

Yah!!! A boy, we are so excited for you guys. Can't wait to meet him already.
Heather I can't wait to see your baby belly! So excited to see you...

bkc72598 said...

Well, like I said, our kids were either going to get married (if yours was a girl) or be best buddies! We are so excited our little guy will have your little GUY to hang out with - and only a few months apart! We love you all 3of you!

Love, Brent & Kristen

Nell said...
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Nell said...

We could not be happier for two people! Yay baby, and yay BOY! Seth is already so excited! Congrats and prayers for you all each step of the way!

Aly said...

Hey Mrs.Camping!
It's Allexa!
OMG, I'm so happy for u and tht ur having a baby boy!! You will be a wonderful mom! I hope to c u soon!!! K.I.T.!!!

luv ya!

haley murphy said...

congrats mrs.camping on having a boy :) i am really excitied for u too
haley murphy