Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hall of Fame? Say it ain't so....

Congrats to my lovely wife, Heather Marie, for recently being inducted into the Armstrong High School Hall of Fame. After receiving a "Distinguished Female Athlete" Award for the Classic Lake Conference in Minnesota in April, she was inducted into the Hall of Fame at her former high school in May. Her mom, Lynn, attended on her behalf and said great things were spoken and displayed at the ceremony. There is now a display area at Armstrong High School dedicated to Heather. Way to go babe!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Please welcome Ansley Ryan Camping...

WOW! If this picture doesn't make you melt, nothing will. Please welcome the newest addition to our family, Ansley Ryan Camping. She was born May 1, 2008 weighing 6lbs 15 oz. I am crawling out of my skin because I still haven't held her or seen her in person. But, Heather and I will be making our way down to AZ in June to do so. Everything went very well and Mommy, Daddy and Ansley are doing splendid. I am so happy for my brother and his wife Erin. Now, the question is... will Ansley have a cousin to paint nails with or beat up on???

Baby Pool? Who's In?

So your not very good at picking that winning NCAA Hoops team in your tournament bracket each year huh? No worries. We are giving each of you a chance to redeem your selection skills. We have a created a baby pool and would like you to take a few moments and post a comment on this site with your answers to the following questions. The winner will receive a very special gift once Baby Camping arrives....and no it won't be a rolled up dirty diaper:)

1.What date will Baby Camping arrive (Our official due date is November 8)
2.What time (hour and minute) will he/she arrive
3.How long (Inches)?
4.Weight (lbs and ounces)?
5.Boy or girl? PS You must post your comments by June 18th as that is the big day we find out the sex and will post it here!!!!!!

The winner will be determined by being the most accurate in all the questions. If the sex is wrong, you are automatically disqualified. Sorry:(

Sunday, May 4, 2008

And so life begins...

WOW! And I thought the Colorado Mountains were amazing... We thought we'd share the pictures with you from our first ultrasounds of Baby Camping. Long story short, we were required to have more ultrasounds done in the first 12 weeks of Heather's pregnancy than most. But, we didn't complain. What an opportunity to see the amazing growth occuring overnight. Everything is proceeding very well and things look great according to the Doc!

The first picture below is at Week 6:

Not a whole lot to see other than the first stages of a HUMAN! That little dot in the middle of the "dark triangle" is the developing fetus (the same size as a sesame seed).

Week 8:

Week 10:

Week 13: We are amazed how fast growth and development is occuring. Let the pictures speak! The next 3 pics are only 3 weeks later...

Looks like he/she may be throwing a punch

I'm afraid getting the head out won't be the problem...
Can we say LARGE feet!


What a better way to use than to keep our family & friends informed about the future addition to the Camping family! We hope that you will visit this site when you think of us here in Colorado as we will update with great info and pics for all to see!