Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Fun

One thing's for sure: I LOVE MY DADDY!!
He did another Triathlon... and WON!
Go Daddy, GO!
First place! :)

Mommy and I visited Sierra and Aunt Kelly last week. We played and played! Here we are playing hide-and-go-seek... can you see us hiding? :)
Okay, so my mom had surgery again. The doctor took lots of screws and a plate out of her leg.
Grandma came to play with me that week. We had fun!
I LOVE walking to the park!

Grandma came to music class with me:)
THEN Nana came out to play for a week.
We played outside ALL WEEK! I think I LOVE the fall...
and trees... and pinecones... and leaves...

I helped Nana gather lots of leaves and pinecones
I got so tired from playing so hard, I fell asleep on Nana's lap.
Then we went for a hike
We were singing funny songs
I climbed some rocks
Then we had a picnic. I saw some elk!
Mommy and I are having lots of fun hanging out together this year!
She took me on a hike and I walked (with her pinky finger) :) some of the trail on my own!
We were learning about some birds
Nana came to music class with me:)

Then we went to the park
Sierra turned 1 last week! Happy Birthday Cuz! :)
My favorite game was bubbles!

Sierra has an ORANGE basketball... I like it!
I had fun watching (and helping) Sierra open presents:)
Daddy and I played drums!
We had so much fun playing together
Phew!! What a day! We got real dirty so we got to take a bath together again. Sierra sure does splash really well
Momma went on a hike with some of her old students last week. I stayed home and hung out with Daddy.

Mommy and Daddy taught me how to say thank you and ask for more incase I'm still hungry.


Bev said...

Caleb is such an adorable little guy! It was great to see you guys at Sierra's party. Where has the year gone!

Lynn Haanen said...

Thanks for posting these pictures and videos!
What special times...celebrating Sierra's birthday...hiking in the mountains...playing with Sierra and Caleb...spending time with family..etc.
Life is good!! :-)

Grandma Paulie said...

Oh such a precious one! It was so much fun playing for a week and taking care of you Heather :) So happy that the knee is doing good.
Looking at Sierra's b'day party, it's just amazing how quickly time goes! every moment to be cherished :)
Thanks for keeping this blog so up to date, it is so FUN to read it and watch the videos.
Love you all!!!!!!!!

Jeff and Kelly Haanen said...

Thanks for the pics, sis.