Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas in Minnesota

Merry Christmas! We made it out of Colorado's snow storm just in time to hit Minnesota's... Nothing better than runs in the snow though (says the Minnesota girl... Dustin's starting to warm:):) up to the idea too).
Nana had TRUCKS and cars for me to play with... these were Mommy's when she was little.

Nana pushed me around the house making truck noises; we stopped to ring the bell on the tree after each lap:)
Mom took out my 4th grade recorder...
We went to a candle light service with Nana, Mommy and Daddy
Happy Birthday King Jesus!
I love you Buddy:)
It snowed and snowed and snowed... I love you Grandma and Grandpa!
I played cards with Mommy. It was fun, but we lost to Daddy and Grandpa
Grandma let me play with her rocking chair!

I played Kitchen-utensil-wrestling with Grandma - she is so fun!
Grandma and Grandpa played trucks with me!
My highschool friend, Monica, visited with her daughter Piper - so much fun catching up:)
Caleb and Piper dancin'
I love you Aunt Holly! :)
Jeff, Kelly and Sierra flew into town Saturday. We ALL gathered for dinner Saturday evening... for the big surprise announcement...
It's TRUE! :)
Congrats Jeff, Kelly and Sierra! :)
My dad, Kelly's dad, my bro, D and Kelly's brother, Brian
Me too guys!?
Dancin' with Sierra :)
Caleb was in heaven pushing Sierra around in the truck; he never passes up an opportunity to push something big or heavy :), and Sierra... was enjoying the free ride (ada girl!) :)
Beep Beep
Peek-a-boo on Nana's stairs
Common theme:)... here Sierra is getting a ride in the truck again:)
Old Navy sweatshirts and matching cars... life doesn't get much better:)
Keep up the good work, Santa!
Our family from International Falls, MN (My Uncle Rod, Aunt Mary Jane, and cousins Will and Grace) visited. We went sledding!
Go Grandpa and Caleb, Go! :)
Minnesotan's at heart, we braved sledding in single-digit weather... Caleb was cold (1/2 Arizonian:) )... We're convinced Sierra, on the other hand, doesn't feel cold - she can't get enough of being outside when it's cold:)

More family games:)
Will, Caleb and Grace
Aunt Mary Jane
It was SO COLD and we couldn't go out to play, so we found an indoor gym:)

Kelly and I had a bit of fun too:)
Dinner with the whole family
Us with Cousin Ben and Nick
So blessed to be celebrating with family this year, we couldn't feel more gratitude fhat God brought his Son to us... Our Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Faithful King (Isaiah (9:6) ...our Savior... we love you! Happy Birthday:)!


Bev said...

So much fun! It was wonderful seeing you all and watching the kids have fun being kids. I miss them already! It's still snowing here in Minnesota - so come back soon for more fun in the snow :)
Love ya

Lynn Haanen said...

What a wonderful Christmas!! How special to have both your family and Jeff's family home at the same time. Such precious moments!
: - )

Brad said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! - thanks for sharing the pictures..... and what's this "too cold" thing of which you speak? - if the suns up, these rascals of mine are outside in their snowfort ;-)