Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our First Colorado Christmas

Merry Christmas 2011:)
Our first Colorado Christmas since we moved out 13 years ago, it was a special one!! ... 3 new additions and the whole family out to celebrate:)
Happy Birthday Jesus! We love you! :)
Best, best buddies (most of the time:)...)
Caleb, Ethan, Moriah and Sierra
Coloring with Papa G. :)

D and Papa G. reenacting the Christmas story with Caleb's play nativity set :)

The theme this year for caleb: UNDERWEAR! Lets get it done in 2011 Caleb! :)
Where would Caleb get the idea of being silly with his underwear??? :)
.... Conquered his first big puzzle with Nana (with underwear still on:)!)
Park pizza party with Dadda:)

We dedicated the twins and Lily the day after Christmas at Timberline.
D sang:)

... awe... my beautiful baby girl...;)

Ya... I love her:)

... and Kelly SO much too (and Lily:)!)
More fireplace snuggles
Playin' in the snow with my baby-doll:)
Shoveling with Dadda

Eating snow... :)
Caleb and his teachers at their Christmas party earlier in December

... and more fireplace snuggles:)
Go Caleb Go!!!!! Soon, I tell ya, soon!
You're an AMAZING Dad D! :)
Caleb LOVES when Moriah and Ethan come to snuggle in his crib first thing in the morning
Family snuggles playing with the nativity set:)
Nana stayed after Christmas for a few weeks to take care of the twins when I returned back to school... lucky babies! :)
... CUTE stuff:)
Getting SO big:)
... and more fireplace snuggles:)
lunch time:)
bubble bath with Dadda:)
We hosted a baby shower for our good friends Amanda and Jacob a few weeks ago. It was a wonderful afternoon!
The boys:)

Our friends Jacque, Hugh and Owen visited last week. Caleb had a great time playing with Owen (Momma, we're fixin tings)
We left Caleb home with a sitter and took the twins to a sold out Rams game with Jac and Hugh... brought back good memories! :)

You are a LUCKY girl, Miss Moriah!!

Grandma G. came out last weekend to visit for a couple of weeks. We have had such a GREAT time with her. Moriah and Ethan have had some fun days hanging out with their Grandma G!!!

... THEN Papa G. visited last weekend. We had a great time and LOVE you guys so much!!

So believe it or not, we have a snow day tomorrow (no school) and just 2 days ago we were out with the neighborhood families playing outside on a 60 degree day. Here Caleb is biking with his neighbor buddies. Man you're getting so old Caleb! :)


Bev said...

YEAH!!! I love the new pics :)
The kids and parents look so happy - you make it seem like having 3 kids is a piece of cake! Hope to see you in March!
Love ya

Bri said...

First Christmas in CO, how exciting!! You twins are just gorgeous & Caleb is such a sweet big brother, you sure do make having 3 kids look easy! Thanks for sharing :)

Erin said...

Glad you had a great CO Christmas!!! Fun to have everyone together. Love all your pictures and can't wait to see you guys in March:)