Sunday, July 21, 2013

July Fun 2013

July 1st Estes Day Hike...
... started with a pit stop.  Potty trained 2 year old twins has it's ups and downs.  No more diapers, but with it, LOTS and LOTS of bathroom stops.  Bladders needed emptying, and no bathroom in sight...:)
Does my heart so good exploring nature with these kiddos

Love this pic... so telling of our every day life.  D and me laughing, trying to keep it light while E is crying about something (it's always something) and Moriah is wondering what his problem is, and C and Selah are just kickin it :)
Miss never misses an opportunity to dance... she seriously busts out any and every chance she gets :)
So excited to be outside :)
Climbin' with Dad :)
Pit stop :)
Love his adventurous can-do spirit :)
Doing the Ethan dance for peeing for the first time outside on his own :)
My sweet, goofy, fun Miss.  Love you bunches :)
La lovin' it :)
A couple miles round trip was just right for the twins.  Caleb could have kept going quite a ways... makes me excited for the future :)
My precious La nappin on the way down 
Being a mtn. lion ... getting into  it :)
Yup, another pit stop :)
Dustin has always loved Mc Donalds after long hikes.  While not long, this hike qualified:)

Morning snuggles with D
Happy 4th!
Fireworks with my buddies :)
We love "doing hair" together:)

My sweet friend, Amanda, painting our office with me...  Before

... and after :)

Fun day in the sun with cousin Lily :)
Cousin school fun with aunt Kelly :)
Ran into Jamie, our trainer at CSU, while heading into the pool for a workout for the first time after surgery.  She helped rig a tape job to keep my incisions dry :) ... Fun college memories relived :)
Who knew... roll out the marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers, and ALL the neighborhood kids come running :)
Loved having Nana in town!  Thanks for all your help with the kiddos while I was laid up, Ma!
Sprinkler Fun :)
VBS with Owen
Selah hanging with her best-bud Madison

C rockin' the one-end-of-the-pool-to-the-other test to earn water slide rights :)  Good job buddy!

La kickin it  :)

Post-swim snuggles :)
Celebration TCBY for E poopin' on the big-boy potty... YIPPEE :)
Precious snuggles with my growing-so-fast baby girl
La looking like such a big girl :)
This year's fireworks show started like this, and ended...
... like this :)
Pool time the summer is SO much more enjoyable with one independent swimmer and a non-pregnant belly!
La and Madi :)
4th fun
Goofy, way-past-bed-time-twins waiting for fireworks :)
My good friend Jacque and her daughter Madison... Madison and Selah's first fireworks :)
TEETHING has been intense for La this month
 La Lovin' her push toy :)
Enjoying Spooners with the Morgans
Fun family bike ride to a new neighborhood park.  Boys on the zip line together ;)
Wading on a hot day :)
E doing he-man :)
How we bike... C on his own, twins behind Dad, and
La behind me :) (With a helmet most of the time, I promise :))
Miss: the unselfish sleeper :)
Morning wrestling :)
Post-camp DQ treats :)

La LOVIN' the bike :)
C racing to our dessert destination :)
Fam bike riding :)
Chick-fil-a trip to play with the cousins! :)
Off to Phoenix for a family reunion
Holdin' hands walking in to meet up with dad in the airport
Miss leading the way
La watching plans
Passing time
Big kids traveling without car seats :)
AZ cousins! :)
Girls with aunt Jamie :)
E being E in his own world :)
Camping cousins :)
2 minutes before C got stung by 2 wasps... never fun:(
9 pm (waaay past everyones bed time... 10 pm kids' time) last-minute, crazy-idea family nighttime  lazy river dip at our hotel... fun memory :)
Watching planes come in :)
Early morning adventure around the hotel to keep everyone sane waiting for 7:45 breakfast started with banana bread, then to the hallways for races, then jumping jacks, then pushups :)... seriously :), THEN...
we inspected cactuses, found a rabbit, saw a humming bird, collected rocks, found a bird's egg... adore these memories:)
Cousin fun :)
On our way home from AZ... exhausted :)

La helpin me unpack :)

Mr Jacob launching C in the air :)... good to reconnect with our best buddies after a summer apart :)
Boy backseat :)
So E... inspecting everything:)... love his passion for the details:)
C and I bonding in our school room :)
Kiddo's outside of music class.  Great memories over the years in this rock area :)
Love these candid shots.  This is what we do; how we roll:)... picnics anywhere and everywhere... :)

Post lunch play after gymnastics

Rainy night family fun :)
 Love you two BUNCHES!!
 Investigating the plants by the pond :)
 Our bug collection jar to-date :)
 Estes golfing with family

 C and Papa Golf :)
 Looks like Miss picked up my golfing genes...

 Estes fun with Grandma Paulie
I absolutely LOVE blogging... helps me process all the beauty God's hand blesses us with daily.  Thank you Jesus!


Lynn Haanen said...

Thanks for starting this blog!! A wonderful spotlight into your daily life. LOVE IT!

Erin said...

Oh man do I love it when you blog!!! Love you guys and so happy for our quick AZ rendezvous to catch up:)