Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Baby Pool? Who's In?

So your not very good at picking that winning NCAA Hoops team in your tournament bracket each year huh? No worries. We are giving each of you a chance to redeem your selection skills. We have a created a baby pool and would like you to take a few moments and post a comment on this site with your answers to the following questions. The winner will receive a very special gift once Baby Camping arrives....and no it won't be a rolled up dirty diaper:)

1.What date will Baby Camping arrive (Our official due date is November 8)
2.What time (hour and minute) will he/she arrive
3.How long (Inches)?
4.Weight (lbs and ounces)?
5.Boy or girl? PS You must post your comments by June 18th as that is the big day we find out the sex and will post it here!!!!!!

The winner will be determined by being the most accurate in all the questions. If the sex is wrong, you are automatically disqualified. Sorry:(


Ryan said...

November 10th, 4:11 a.m., 21", 7lbs. 14oz., a Weiner Wagger!

Grandma Camping said...

Nov.11, 5:35am, 21&1/2", 8lbs.5oz, BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

PS he will be adorable!!!!!! or he already is I should say:) He will also be shorter than his grandma tee-hee

Audrey Wittnebel said...

Jim Wittnebel says It's a BOY!
Birthdate: November 10, 2008
Time of Birth: 1:13 a.m.
Weight: 8lb.10oz.
Length: 23.5 inches

Audrey Wittnebel says It's a GIRL!
Birthdate: November 13, 2009
Time of Birth: 10.29 a.m.
Weight: 8lb.9oz.
Length: 22.8 inches

Pops said...

My beautiful granddaughter will probably arrive a bit early. I'm thinking November 6th at 1:55 PM.
She'll be 9lbs. 4oz. and 23 inches. She will be BEAUTIFUL, and very bright. Precocious might be an apt description.

Lynn Haanen said...

The long awaited blessing will be a......girl.

arrival: Nov. 7
Time: 4:35 p.m.
Length: 21 inches
Weight: 8 lbs. 3 oz

I checked in your baby book, Heather, to get my guesses for the time, length, and weight. Like mommy, like daughter???

Oops! I posted this comment in the wrong place at first. "The mad clicker"

Mom, Dad, Grant and Dylan said...

Well I am going to say.... that you are having a Girl, "Pretty In Pink", on November 6th at 2:33pm. She will weigh 7 lbs. 11oz. and 21.5" long.
This is Sara's answer, Brad will have to give you his guess as well.! Can't wait to meet the new addition and have some more cousins for the boys!

Brad said...

Hmm..... let's see here,

I'm seeing November 9th, about 11:15 in the evening, 20.5", 8lb 4oz and....I'm guessing..... it's a little boy

Walter said...

Nov. 15 12:50 a.m. 20" in. I bet it's a BOY!!!

Gayle said...

Gayle Haanen

It's a boy (I always have to be different from Grandpa!)
Arrival: Nov. 8
Time: 12:01 am (prompt, like his parents!)
Weight: 7lbs. 14oz
Length: 22.2 inches

Walter said...

Me and Adrian say its going to be a boy that plays FOOTBALL

James, Lisa & Brady said...

Lisa's answer - your beautiful baby boy will arrive at 9:49pm on November 11 and weigh in at 8 pounds 1 oz and be 22" long.

Can't wait to see you guys in about 3 weeks!!!!