Friday, July 11, 2008

Minnesota Fun :)

We made it home to Minnesota last week for some family fun!
We had a chance to visit grandma :),
spend some time at the cabin swimming and playing cards:),

and finished the day off with a nice meal at the restaurant.
Back in "the Cities:)" we enjoyed some family BBQ's,
our annual homerun durby (winner - Mr. Haanen! Way to represent, bro!--sorry D),
and enjoyed a little swimming... some things never change bro, huh? "Mom, watch us!!!" :)
Kelly and me 23 and 27 weeks pregnant - enjoying some fun in the sun:)

All 19 of us caught a Twins game - go Twins:), and we had a chance to take grandma on her first Pedicure trip ever! How fun!!!
Last, but not least:), the whole family gathered to shower us with love and gifts Sunday before we took off back to Colorado. We had such a great time!

Nothing like a walk at sunset to close a wonderful trip home! :)


Grandma Camping said...

U girls look sooooo beautiful! I loved all the pics and I wished so badly we could have been there.
Loved seeing the family and the backyard gathering brought back so many memories of our one trip there.
thanks for sharing :) love u guys
grandma Paulie

Brad said...

It was a great time seeing you Colorado folks.... but seriously, why am I always the fat kid with the food in every picture? - I should have been holding my boys and not the plate full 'o food!