Sunday, March 29, 2009

Let the Good Times Roll :)

Mommy had a snow-day, so we went out snowshoeing... then I watched Mommy and Daddy make a snowman - just my size!
Mom and Dad keep talking about March Madness - those bball players work so hard to win, SO, I thought I'd give it my all and bust out a little madness of my own:)
Life is good! :)

I LOVE jumping!
The highlight of my week was snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park with Mommy, Aunt Kelly and Sierra! We had so much fun playing!
Sierra and I got to ride in the car together.
We were both hungry, so we ate in the car and then got to play for a little bit before the big trip to Emerald Lake.
Mountains, here we come!!! (Means nap time for me!)
Sierra's so fun!

I LOVE Sierra!!


Lynn Haanen said...

THANKS for all of these adorable pictures! Love those videos! It was so fun to see Sierra and Caleb interact with each other. They are going to have good times together as they grow up.

Jeff and Kelly Haanen said...

Those are some good lookin' kids. Glad you two (four) had fun. Love you.

Bev said...

Good times and beautiful places. Those kids are growing up so fast! Kisses to both. Thanks for sharing.

Lilly M. said...

Caleb has really grown and Sierra and Caleb are so much fun together!