Monday, March 2, 2009

My mommy turned 30 and I'm a growin' boy!

Well, since I'm officially 4 months old today, I thought I'd try this keyboard thing out and try getting online to update this crazy site that mom and dad like to put pictures on. My turn now:)

I had to get 2 shots today - ouch!
Doc says I'm growing well - 14 lbs 8 oz (5oth percentile) 26.5 inches (93rd percentile).
We said goodbye to Great Grandma this weekend. She gets to be with Jesus all day long now! We miss you and love you so much!
I love my new hat...and my daddy!
Mommy was really surprised when daddy threw a party for her 30th birthday!

She started blushing right away. Gotchya!
Nearly the whole crew who showed up
I love my mommy and daddy. They were hangin on the deck out back grillin'
I wasn't so sure about the whole cake and candles thing. Cut me some slack...first one I've ever seen.
We went snowshoeing for the day in Estes Park at Bear Lake. WOW! I love it.
Maybe in a few months:)

Grandma and Grandpa G came to visit! We snuggled!
Mommy and daddy had date night and I got to hang out with Grandpa Greg and Grandma Gayle
Daddy's nose is yummy:)
I love peek-a-boo!
I totally won this staring contest.
Thought I'd sport the latest snow cap from Interlachen Inn in Alexandria, MN.
I love snuggle time with daddy on Saturday morning
I'm chillin' in my new play bouncer. I love hangin out in it.


Grandma Paulie said...
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Grandma Paulie said...

What a precious angel. He is so alert and growing way too fast.
Heather, sorry we could not make it to your surprise party, looks like it was so much fun!
I will be praying for you this weekend and we will see you soon. Love & Hugs, Paulie

Erin said...

Great update Caleb. I am impressed with your typing skills!
Wow, he is adorable! Hope you had a great birthday Heather.
I'm sorry you had to say goodbye to your Grandma.
Take care you guys!

Jeff and Kelly Haanen said...

My nephew is adorable. How did he get so good looking? Must be all those Haanen genes (except for the ears ;).