Monday, May 4, 2009

Tooth Number 2 and Rice Cereal

Benefits to a bottom rash...naked tummy time:) Please notice, this strapping little lad weighing in at a beefy 16.9 lbs, 27.5 in long, 6 months old, and getting closer to crawling each day.

Just sucking on a piece of celery. (For those of you parents who are worried sick right now watching our son put a celery stick in his mouth, we did think about it ahead of time and weighed the risks. Need we say more:)

He sure thinks he's a BIG boy in his highchair.

How lucky am I? Look at these two beautiful people in my life sitting next to our newly popped tulips in the front yard.

We didn't think it would go this well. But you know what they say...boys will eat anything:)


Erin said...

He is doing so good with that cereal! What a big boy! Can't wait to see you guys...seriously it's been too long!
(Happy Birthday Dustin!)

Bev said...

It was great to see you last weekend. Caleb is adorable! Hope to see you in June so I can get in a few snuggles :)