Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Looking back on May, I'd have to say my highlight's a toss-up between uncle Jeff's graduation weekend (anytime I get to play with Sierra, it's a highlight!!!... oh and congrats, unc.!) and the week that Nana-Banana ('cause she lets me eat some of her banana in the morning:))came to play and took me up to Eco Week with Mommy, Daddy and the fifth graders at the YMCA in Estes Park.

Uncle Jeff's Graduation Party at the Park
... I didn't pinch Sierra, I promise! I just LOVE her so much... I want to play! :)
BFF's FOREVER! :) I love you Sierra!
Nap time? Ya right... more like PLAY time!
Nothing better than a good 'ole shoulder ride from Grandpa to close out a perfect day! I love you Grandpa!
See... this is why I call Nana, Nana-Banana!!! She shares in the morning - YUM!!!
Nana and I just chilled on the lawn while Mommy and Daddy worked. I love outside naps!
THEN, Nana-Banana took me to see Mommy and Daddy in Estes Park. I missed them SO much! I got to play with them and all the fifth graders. YIPEE!!

Momma says maybe next year I'll be big enough to get up at 4:00 a.m. to go on the sunrise hike with her and the kids at Eco. I can't wait!

Sleeping butt up... just like Mommy and Daddy used to... so cozy!
GO DADDY! I got to cheer Daddy on at his first triathlon of the year! I LOVE YOU DADDY!
AND, just in case you were wondering...
I can sit up and stand up if I'm holding on to something. As of today, I weigh 17 pounds 11 ounces and am 28.5 inches tall. I'm rolling as much as I need to to get wherever I want to go - AND, most importantly,
I started to eat rice cereal earlier this month and loved it, and then Mommy and Daddy added peas... loved those too. BUT, next came sweet potatoes, and MAN did those plug me up!!! I didn't poop for 5 days. YIKES! I'm all better now, but I'll tell you after 5 days, a poop never felt so good!!! ...(Mommy got to clean me ALL up!)

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Bev said...

No more sweet potatoes for Caleb! What great pics! Hope to see you in a few weeks. Thanks for sharing :)

Grandma #4