Thursday, July 16, 2009

To San Diego, Daddy's Boulder Triathlon and Denver

We visited my Aunt Kelli and Grandma last weekend in San Diego. My Aunt Kelli had another wedding shower and I got to celebrate with her! We went to a winery for the shower. I tried to nap in my pack-and-play behind those barrels of wine in the background. It was too hot for me; I couldn't sleep. Mom took me for a short ride in the car so I could nap:).
My Aunt Kelli and some of her sisters
You are SO pretty, Auntie!
I got to watch Auntie open presents... :)
I took care of the garbage.
THEN, we got to go to the beach at sunset. I LOVED the sand and water!

Momma and I went for a walk on the beach at sunset. She kept talking to me about how much she loves sunsets... :)
I LOVE you grandma!

While we were in San Diego, Dad was back at home with Grandpa and Uncle Bear playing golf and racing in another triathlon! Here are some pictures... GO DADDY!!!
Daddy bettered his time by 6 minutes this year, and finished 27th out of 1,800 people - We're proud of you Daddy!!! :)
Back in San Diego, the next day we got up and went swimming in the ocean. It was really cold, but REALLY fun!
Momma helped me get used to the water.

Then a big wave got us
I played in the sand with Momma

... and got really dirty!

THEN we visited Jeff and Kelly and Sierra in Denver. We helped them move. Sierra and I were so sweaty from helping so much, we needed a bath! She is so fun!
I kept the toys company
Sierra helped too!
... what I do when I'm excited... :)
I can clap! :)
I love exploring now that I can scoot around!


Bev said...

Wow - you guys sure have fun all over the place! I love the sunsets too - they are beautiful! Thanks for helping Kelly move - I know she really appreciated the help. I love the pic of the kids in the tub ... someday that will be priceless!
Luv a

Sans said... the pics!! Caleb is ADORABLE as ever! Hope we can get together again soon!!