Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

The whole gang came over for chili, trick-or-treating and a little candy :)

My most favorite "smarty-pants" EVER!, Miss Alyssa :)

Lion - elephant staredown :)

Trick-or-treating with Daddy

The Cherry family has some exchange students from Norway, Italy and Germany. They came trick-or-treating with us:)

Door to door with Miss Alyssa :)

Nothing better than sorting and trading candy afterwards:)


OUR costume: balla-lion-pumpkin totum pole

My good friends from college (we played ball together at CSU) came over with their kids to carve pumpkins a few nights ago. What fun:)


... hummm

We got DUMPED on (snow) last week. We had so much fun playing outside in the snow for the first time with our little one:)

Sledding at Fossil Creek park


Grandma Paulie said...

These pics just scream FUN!!!!!!!!!!! So neat to have such wonderful friends :) Everyone looked so cute. Love my little LION!

Bev said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! It's fun to be one! Have fun celebrating with Aunt Kelly, Uncle Jeff and cousin Sierra.

Love you
"Grandma" Bev

Don & Jackie Clark said...

Hi Heather!!! I love looking at your blog and it looks like you are home enjoying every moment with Caleb. Good for goes by so fast.