Saturday, February 27, 2010

February Fun:)

We spent a week in Winter Park at Roger and Paula's timeshare. We had fun sledding and playing in the snow!

Go Daddy GO!
We spent a few afternoons at a nearby rec. center. They had a sweet pool with ba-ba-ba (basketball), as Caleb would say.

They had real hoops too! ... was tough ripping him out of the gym... LOVES balls and ha (hoops)!

NOTHING better than pushing the ball rack around the gym:)
Picking up :)
Dunkin' with Daddy
Jeff, Kelly and Sierra came to play too!

Kelly, Jeff and I had a chance to go snowshoeing together while D held down the fort during morning nap time.

Paula ventured out on a snowshoe with me:)
Pots and pans in the closet:)... SO fun watching them play together!

Caleb's new favorite: climbing up on his chair (by himself!) to read:)
We had a fun CSU reunion last weekend. Lots of our teammates flew into town; it was great seeing everyone again!
Caleb LOVED Cam the Ram

CSU's new indoor field... we couldn't help but imagine the conditioning possibilities this new facility would have held for us:)

Our neighbors from China visited for dinner last week. Grandma and Grandpa didn't know english; it was a fun experience for us all. What sweet people... reminded me of my time in Thailand and Cambodia - hard not knowing cultural expectations, eating routines and not being able to communicate well. We all had a great evening together though (they have a 15 month-old... 4 days younger than Caleb)!
Blast from the past!! Caleb was insistant on venturing down to the basement... oh the great things we found down there: old toys!!
He loved playing with his old bath duck so much we took it upstairs:)

Getting ready for a morning walk with Momma
We love going for a walk before morning nap time. He's getting a bit big for the Bjorn, but it still works... we chat the whole time. Caleb loves pointing out birds (ba), cars (dis), hoops (ha), trucks (ta-ta), rocks (dis), snow (dis), trees (dis), bunnies (dis), sky (uh), puppy dogs (pa)... :)
Blowin' on it... more ba-ba-ba (blue berries)!
Big boy:)
Dancin' - thanks grandma Bev!!


Bev said...

oh what fun! I can't believe how much Caleb is growing up. These new pics make me smile big time! Hope to see you in a few weeks!

Erin said...

Fun times all around! Thanks for new pics!!!

Grandma Paulie said...

What a wonderful time we had with u guys! thanks Heather for introducing me to snow shoeing :) I just LOVED it!!!!!! I love all these pics and videos. He is such a big boy actually feeding himself. WOW he changes every week! Love you all bunches!