Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Madness

This one's for you, Grandma Bev:). Sorry it's been SO LONG!
Our favorite time of the year, Caleb's picked up on our love for the game... especially in March:). Our neighbors have a hoop that Caleb LOVES visiting... then there are all the hoops in the neighborhood AND at the school near our house. Everytime we pass a hoop he passionately says, "HOP, hop, hop, hop!" (hoop)... so precious:)

Here Caleb is at the neighbors visiting the "hop"
... and then we pulled out a Walmart gift card from Christmas and took a trip to buy our very own:)
He wanted to reach the hoop SO bad... where there's a will, there's a way. We set the hoop up next to the chair:)
Shoe shopping... had to get some soles fit for outside playing. The day ended well with a brand new pair of Nikes:)
My new shoes:)
I went to the dentist last week. Dr. Kent was fun:)
Momma and I visited the geese

and the park
It's not all always fun and games though. Sometimes I don't listen to Momma or Daddy, so I have to go to time-out. Here I am in time-out for a bit because I know I'm not supposed to play with the remote, but I decided to anyway - even though Daddy asked me to put it down. Afterwards, I gave Daddy the remote.
Nana came to visit last week. We had so much fun!
Sierra came for the weekend too. Here we're eating breakfast with Nana
THEN, we decided to go outside to play in our jammies:)
I tried to bring Sierra to the neighbor's house to show her their sprinkler. It's a TRACTOR and I love playing on it! BUT, she wanted to stay to play with the puppies, so we never made it over.
We love to run around the house together and play games... she's my best friend! Momma caught us playing hide-n-seek in the laundry room:)
Then we shared peas and carrots at lunch
Then Nana brought us to the park.

We love you Nana!
Here we are playing with chalk at the mall.

Sharing DQ with nana... I was sharing, I promise!
Nana made us some play dough for us to play with. She's so fun!

Now I LOVE play dough!
Dancin' with Momma and Nana at music class

The parachute's my favorite!
It snowed last week so we made a snowman... daddy made the snowman in his work clothes - silly:)
Headin' off to church... handsome man:)
Guess what? Grandma and Grandpa come into town tomorrow... I can hardly wait!
Videos... I'll post them all together in the next entry... too many pictures and videos for one entry:)


Grandma Paulie said...

Oh my goodness, I'm gone for 5 weeks and look what happens. He grows!!!! He just looks so BIG! Thanks for the GREAT pics. He is a lucky boy :)
Love u all, Gramma Paulie

Bev said...

YEAH!!! Thanks Heather! It was so fun seeing you guys, wish it could have been longer. Caleb is absolutely adorable! He is such a happy guy, thanks to such loving parents. Excitement is in the air :)
Love you all
Grandma Bev

Bev said...

Morning, noon and night - I love looking at these. They always make me smile!

Kelly and Jeff said...

You're a picture taking maniac! I'll never be able to keep up =)

Erin said...

"There's Caleb" says Ans!
We loved looking at all your new pics. Caleb you are getting so big. Love your new shoes, right in time for basketball outside!!!
love you

Pam Soltis said...

Heather - I love the picture of your mom with both of the kids! Caleb is getting so big! Looks like you are really enjoying your time at home with him.

Pam Soltis
Tanglen - 3rd Grade