Friday, April 30, 2010

Proud of you D!

It's been a LONG time since I've updated our blog... sorry again. There's actually a pretty good reason this time, but I'll get to that later:).

Our April highlight was a trip to Boston, just the two of us. D had an opportunity to run in the Boston Marathon as a member of Ryan Hall's (a way-pro marathoner) Steps foundation team. We had an amazing time together!
Night-before-the-race pre run routine... my sweet, sweet, special husband:)
The morning of... ready to run 26.2!
I'm sure most of you have already spoken to D directly about what an amazing experience it was for him. As for me, I can say the same thing. 27,000 runners, 700,000 fans - streets packed with enthusiastic, cheering people... I thoroughly enjoyed my day supporting D!
What a sweet moment:)... proud of you D!
Post race smiles! D finished the 26.2 in 3 hours and 18 minutes. AWESOME run D!

Ryan Hall, D and Sara Hall
Tuesday was our day off to explore Boston. By the end of the day we had the subway/bus system pretty well figured out;) Here we are waiting to board the T-Line (subway).
We visited Harvard... neat history. We felt smart.

We walked the Freedom Trail Tuesday. What fantastic history!

A cemetary in the middle of the city... people buried in the 1600's. Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Paul Revere were a few of the patriots buried there.
After walking through the city, we made our way to the ocean ... A nice place to relax:)
Love birds... and seagulls:)
Dinner in Little Italy... yum!

While we were in Boston, Grandma Paulie and Caleb spent 5 days together at home:)
What FUN!

Thanks for playing with our little guy Paulie!! Love you!
Jeff, Kelly and Sierra visited for Easter earlier in the month.
The kids hunted for eggs with some of Caleb's neighborhood friends.

The Easter bunny came to the house:)... so fun watching Caleb and Sierra explore.

Sierra in Uncle D's shoes:)
... special boy you ARE D.
Playing with play-dough
Grandma and Grandpa G. came into town in April too. We had so much fun!

LOVE you Papa!

... special
Ok, for real D:)... I love how playful you are... love you! :)

Caleb and Uncle Jeff

LOVE bath time!
Caleb playing ball with his friend Raichin.


Bev said...

Yeah, new pics! Love em. I can't believe how fast the kidos are growing. Miss 'em!
Love ya

Grandma Paulie said...

A FUN time was had by ALL!!!!!!!! Love these pics so much and love you guys too :)Gamma Paulie