Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May in a Nutshell

Caleb welcoming Daddy home from Boston... melted our hearts! :)
Stepping away from the classroom this year has been such a neat, unique experience for me: more rest, travel and family time than I've ever had... I'm so thankful. I've also had more time to reconnect with old students and friends over lunch or coffee, and I've loved that too! I've been able to take on more students for after school tutoring and looked forward to getting to connect with my 5 kids each week:). One of my favorites was the chance I had to spend more time on the court with girls. I got to work with group of about 20 girls in small groups each Monday evening... I LOVED every second. Here are some pictures of them at their best:):)... the hard work, competition, drive to succeed... and silliness brings me back to all the hardwork, sweat, fun and laughter we had growing up on the court:)... again so thankful:)!

D and Caleb practicing:)
After a long winter, getting outside to play and explore has been SO nice. I've loved watching Caleb find so much enjoyment in even the smallest outdoor things. Here he's inspecting the dirt.
... and a stick
...and "dandis"
"dandi's" for Momma:)
... and "momos" (mowers). He LOVES helping us mow:)
... and raking
... and taking Sierra for tractor rides:) (neighbor's sprinkler) :)
... and golf
... and "tatas" (tractors)

... and lots of new animals

... and trucks - especially "dadurs" (diggers)
... and parks (pa-pa)
... and all kinds of flowers to smell
... and stream wading
ahhhhh... spring has sprung, and what a great one it has been!

After a long morning outside playing, we watched Caleb eat his sandwich with eyes half open and half closed... fighting sleep, but too hungry to stop... how precious:)

"poopoo" is now on Caleb's radar, so we've been letting him sit on the potty when he feels like it.

A couple of times he's connected... good job buddy! (it's possible you could have done without this visual...:))
Making Daddy a birthday card... Happy Birthday D!!
Sleeping legs up is his favorite:)
Nana spent a few weeks with us this month to help out. First trimester with twins turned out to be fairly debilitating experience for me... and I thought I was sick with Caleb - pregnancy sickness took on a whole new meaning this time around. Weekly IV's, help from D, Mom and Paula were my lifeline.... thank you guys!
May is here and with it we get to kick off another Triathlon season with Daddy!!
Good luck Daddy!
First in his age group and third overall... we're so proud of you D!!!
Helping to refuel Daddy
So there's a slight possiblity that seeing this truck at the race was EVEN more exciting than watching Dadda... Caleb was in heaven!

Playin' with Dadda:)
So the little guy is now able to climb on chairs ... and anything else that looks fun to climb on. One morning I was getting out of the shower and hadn't heard Caleb in a while, so thought I'd check to see where he was (quiet isn't always a good thing). :) I found him downstairs devouring a bag of animal crackers Dusitn had brought in from his car earlier that morning. He had crawled up on the chair, up on the table, gotten the crackers, then found his seat at the table for a fine meal... I just laughed... next time I should probably consider the discipline route:):)... love you buddy!
Our good friends Allyson and Reza had a baby boy! Welcome Owen James:)

So this time I was upstairs putting away clothes... hadn't heard him in a while so I went hunting. Caleb opened the basement door, crawled down, found his baby bath ducky and was just happily sitting in it when I found him. ;)
We brought it upstairs.. makes a great reading chair:)

So as I finish up this entry I've got tears welling up in my eyes (not a terribly uncommon occurance lately... darn hormones!)... I just am beyond amazed at God's blessings, the joy and life he gives, and what a wonderful month He's blessed us with. I am so thankful for D, familiy and all the life and love Caleb blesses us with every day.

... AZ pictures coming soon.

AND I keep promising videos - we have so many fun ones... they just take so long to upload... after I get AZ pics up I'll just do one all-video entry... promise! :)

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Bev said...

Yeah Heather! Love the new pics. Caleb is growing up so fast, can't wait to see him. You are truly blessed, and so are we to have you all a part of the family!
Love Ya