Saturday, June 5, 2010


Here I am swimming with Ansley in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard
Grandma and Grandpa had a whole park in the back yard... Ansley and I had so much fun playing together!
Man, she sure does take giving kisses seriously!
My diaper got so full of water it was getting in my way... Ansley's got too full too, so we just played with them off:)
We LOVE you Papa!
We sure did work up an appetite playing outside
Grandma and Grandpa have a bus I like to ride. OH, and I started saying busssss (really more like buth) instead of ba-ba (bus) this week
I followed Papa around all week... I LOVE playing with Papa!
Uncle Bear had surgery in his nose, so I wanted to give him a kiss to help him feel better
Momma, Dadda, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Erin, Ansley and I visited the Children's Museum. We had lots of fun playing together!
We climbed up to the top of a huge recycle play area. Here momma and I are taking a rest in a bathtub in the air
There were FEET hanging out of a boat!!
... and balls in the air!
I like holding hands with Ansley!
There were noodles hanging from the ceiling. I was scared at first so Dadda took me through
... then I did it myself. It was FUN!
We were making pizza

I got really tired on the way home... so much fun!
When I wake up in Arizona, I get to go right outside to play in my jammies - even before I eat breakfast!
Oma came to visit. Here she is with Raegan.
... then it was my turn. I gave her a bear hug!
Then, Great-Grandma and Grandpa came to visit too!
I love Raegan!
I posted this picture for Momma. She LOVES sunsets!
Grandma has a tower for us to climb up on to help her in the kitchen. Here I climbed up to finish my peanut butter snack from earlier in the day. I didn't need any help... I was just enjoying a snack in the kitchen all on my own before Dadda found me:)
LOVE you Grandma!
Papa and I play together all the time!
Here momma is holding Raegan
I love to snuggle Grandma after naps!
Here I am wearing a new outfit Grandma bought me
This is Uncle Bear's girlfriend, Amy (she is really fun!) and Uncle Bear. He's feeling better now.

Here I am with Uncle Bear:)
Here we all are eating dinner
Papa was showing me his IPhone

Here is Momma holding Raegan.
(Okay, here's too a 16-week belly picture for those who have been asking to see... SO much bigger quicker this time - woa!)
LOTS of outside time!
Here I am saying bye to Oma
I love you Raegan!
D and I headed to Thunderbird mountain around 5 to get a sunrise hike in. It was an AWESOME morning! :)

... just me and the twins:)

Uncle Ryan and Raegan
D, Caleb and I playing football
More fun outside... this time with the hose
... and ba-ba (bubbles)

Grandma and Raegan
... ya, never a dull moment
... just had to add one more of our beautiful Raegan
Kickin' it with Dadda
Proud Grandparents... from 2 grandchildren to 6 in one year... yea for 2010!


Grandma Paulie said...

What a great time we had!!!!! Heather thank you for always having your camera and always willing to be our family photographer. You truly capture the best moments. Love watching the cousins play, too cute!
Minnesota here we come :) Love & Hugs

Vickie said...

Thanks for posting the pics...great fun! Baby R. is adorable...such a little dollie. And yes, from 2 to 6 grands in a year- I'm very jealous! What fun all those cousins are going to have throughout their lives.