Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life! :)

March started out in the BEST way possible this year... with the birth of our buddy Noah Andrew Benson! Welcome Baby Noah! :)
9 Days past her due date, my sweet friend Amanda was a champ waiting it out... all's well that ends well! :)
Family breakfast :)
Caleb loves reading to the babies
Kelly and I had a chance to bust away to Estes for a day to snowshoe and catch up!
Gonna do it...
Did it :)

Sweet baby E :)
He makes me smile :)
Grandma Paulie came in to town for a week to visit. She took care of the twins while I was at work... lucky guys!

On the way to Arizona to visit family for spring break
One minute a happy, calm family of five...
... the next minute my sons clothes are all off... poor guy, half way through the flight he threw up more than I could even imagine his little stomach holding. I was holding Ethan and Caleb was on Dustin's lap when breakfast, lunch and dinner made a reappearance... Dustin held out his hand, then when his hand was full, I held my non-baby hand out... when that was full I handed Ethan off and stuck out my other hand... when that was full, we just looked at each other and watched Caleb's vomit fill his lap, clothes and seat. Poor guy. He was scared... has only thrown up one other time... started crying. I snapped out of the shock (was this really happening?) and started the cleaning process while Dusitn held Caleb reassuring him all would be okay. Here he is cleaned up down to just his diaper for the rest of the flight.

We have back up clothes for the babies, but not for Caleb... silly Mom! So here he is in grandma's sweatshirt and his tennies walking through the airport.
Greeted by Roger and Bear :)
:)... so the good news is, it wasn't the flu... just something he ate... or something... He's feeling just fine now:)
First day in Arizona brought lots of fun with cousin Ansley:)
Feeding the ducks...
ducks weren't interested, so they took care of the bread:)

Ansley and Ethan
Erin, Ryan, Ethan and Moriah
Grandma Paulie, Papa Golf and all 6 grandchildren: Ansley, Liam, Raegan, Caleb, Moriah and Ethan
Caleb and Moriah :)
Kelly, Kevin, Raegan and Ethan
Playin with Uncle Ryan

Shorts off, time to get serious about this
Erin and Ethan
... it always ends up this way with these two...

Caleb and Moriah Snugglin at Grandma and Papa's

FUN watching these two play this week:)
We met baby Liam for the first time this week... beautiful boy!
Waiting for a diaper change on Grandma's floor
Liam, Moriah and Ethan
Moriah, Ethan and Raegan
Nothing like doing interval runs with my grayhound husband... ahhh... good workout!
Icebath Arizona-kids-pool style
Dustin and I left the kids with Paula Tuesday and headed up to Sedona for a day together. Man is Sedona beautiful! We had so much fun together... bit off a bit more of a strenuous hike than we had barganed for, but the challenge was fun:).

2,000 foot climb to the top... SO pretty up high!

Made it! ... sure did have fun playing together without the kids. THANK YOU PAULIE!!!

Raegan and Moriah playing
One of our favorite times of the day in Arizona is dinner time out back. BIG family now! :)
... and the goofballs ending the day off right :)

Family Pictures :)

"Mama, Caleb hikin' too?" ... SO:), we went out back and he hiked! :)
"SO thirsty now Mama!" :)
Swimmin' with Ansley :)

Happy Birthday Cousin Ty! :)
More playin' with Ansley :)
She's one tough girl!
Happy St. Patty's Day ... I guess :) Boys heading out golfing:)
oh poor babies :)
Man, I'm so thankful for friends and family... SO blessed we are! LOVE you all! :)


Bev said...

Love the new pics! From vomit to those green plaid shorts - you never have a dull moment! Thanks for sharing - love those kiddos!
Gma Bev

RunTroniks said...

Love your blog!! We missed you guys so much which you were gone. Can't wait to start Sunday dinners again :)

Grandma Paulie said...

Absolutely the BEST week ever!!!!!!!!!!! Full of memories never to be forgotten :) Love having you all home!!!!!
We did pack a lot in a week didn't we? These pics are so great as usual Heather, aka-our family photographer :)

Jeff and Kelly Haanen said...

More posts! Give us more cute pics!