Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall Fun

What an amazing fall day yesterday was!!  Dustin rode up to Estes; I met him up there for some coffee by the river, a fun(ny) :) bike around the lake, and a picnic lunch. 
There's nothing better than a beautiful fall day in the mountains --- except for maybe a visit from Jeff and Kelly!!! :)  Jeff and Kelly made their way up yesterday evening.  We had a great time and took some final before-delivery pictures (Kelly's 38 weeks and ready to meet their little girl anytime - can't wait!)... at 34 weeks and another 2+ before I can start walking again, I hope that this wasn't our "before delivery" picture!!! :)
We were laughing so hard - that was the most fun, goofiest bike ride ever.  I couldn't even get my leg all around one rotation, so D had to do all the work - great laughs and GREAT fresh air:):)!
Going for a hike? :)... almost:)

34 and 38 Weeks :)


Ryan and Erin said...

Great belly shots!! You girls are super cute. Looks beautiful up there...FALL! I do miss that season with the leaves changing...the crisp air on a cool day!!! Enjoy it for me!! Love you guys

Grandma Paulie said...

you girls are just too cute. What a fun time raising the cousins together :) Just anxiously awaiting for both phone calls :)
Heather, I'm so happy you got to see the fall leaves.
See you all soon, Love u all 3