Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Top 10 things I've learned from Heather's accident:

10.  The body heals so much quicker than I ever realized.  She is making great strides each week, in both her arm and leg (mobility and strength)
9.  Heather is very resilient through challenges
8.  Baby Camping is right where he needs to be through all this...fully protected and unharmed
7.  I've mastered how to make a "mean" lunch box of food for her to take to school
6.  How much I took for granted a fully functioning, healthy, athletic wife
5.  I've gotten a glimpse of what it must feel like to be a mom...many tasks...always on the go...cooking....cleaning...washing etc. WOW!
4.  I've learned how to slow down and enjoy each step/moment as we don't get places real fast:)
3.  How we can bless people in the future through cooking meals as MANY have done for us.  Again, WOW!
2.  If we stay connected, we can literally get through anything that life throws at us.

And the Number 1 thing (Drum roll........)

Starting the day off together eating breakfast, just her and I has been a really neat time to kick off each day (In the past, we're at the gym etc...)

Even in the midst of all the inconveniences, LIFE IS GOOD!


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