Friday, July 2, 2010

June 2010

Momma and Dadda went to see pictures of the babies a few weeks ago.
Here's a picture of a picture of both babies together. On the right you can see my baby SISTER'S:) head, arm and body. On the left you can see my baby BROTHER'S:) head. I can't wait to hold them!
I was trying to see if I had any babies too...!?
I'm helping Momma and Dadda get ready for the babies. First we brought home some beds for them to sleep in.
Then I helped Dadda paint the walls.
It was real fun:)
The room is almost done. I'll show you a picture soon.
Here's a picture of my room too:)
Here's a picture of Momma going to basketball lessons... her tummy's almost the size of a basketball
I'm practicing up so I can do lessons with Momma... here I am doing defense.

One morning Momma went hiking with Ms. Lisa at Horsetooth, so Dadda and I went to visit cows at a farm. Cows give us muk (milk).
Dadda's had lots of races this month. I love watching him kik, kik, kik (swim) and race (run) and bik (bike)
Someday I'll race too
Dadda got hurt at one race (but he still finished, and he's ok... and he got 2nd place out of all the racers).
... so I gave him some kisses to help

He let me wear his medal
... and share his post-race treat
We saw a fire truck!!
Momma went hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park with her friend from high school. She told me I was too heavy to carry with the other two babies this summer so I stayed home with Nana.
She showed me how pretty it was though

... then momma got up early one morning to do a sunrise hike at Coyote Ridge. I was sleeping so she showed me the picture.
Here's Momma and the babies at 17 weeks.
Dadda and Momma took me to ride on a Choo-choo!!

Then Dadda had another race! He got second again... GO DADDA!!

Dadda joined Momma in the shade after his race. She gets too hot real fast.
I came down to help Dadda carry his prize

Sierra and Aunt Kelly came up to visit. We played with some friends while Momma and Kelly swam laps with all three babies (Aunt Kelly's having a baby in a few weeks!). I got to wear their goggles later too!
Then we all got in and swam!
THEN Dadda came to swim!!

We caught him with his pants down looking for rabbits one morning... so funny:)

One day Uncle Jeff came to visit. We played together and I noticed that his legs are as long as the slide!


Bev said...

yeah!!! Heather I promise not to bug you about pictures when you have three kids - you keep so busy with one I don't think you will have time :) But I love every one of these and you and Caleb and Dustin and Sierra and Kelly and Jeff!!

Erin said...

Looks like fun!
Can't wait to see you guys:)