Friday, July 16, 2010

July 4th & MN Trip

Sierra and Caleb say happy 4th of July!
Pregnant mommies at 36 and 21 weeks
Our trip to MN this year was wonderful... SO many precious moments, and unforgettable memories with family and friends.

My mom and I visited the Minnesota Zoo with Caleb during the time we had together before Dustin and his family flew out. I found shade:), and so enjoyed watching Caleb and Nana play in the water together.

Roaring like a lion:)
Riding the turtle
Thank you for a fun ride, Mr. Turtle:)

I LOVE his hugs!
What a special moment it was for me to experience the beauty of tropical fish through Caleb's eyes!
Mr. Curly-Locks exploring the outdoor butterfly pavilion... precious:)
Had to get a picture of those MN humidity "locks"
SUCH a fun morning, Caleb was asleep by the time we finished our 2 minute walk to the car:)
Later that evening, Caleb got to mow with Papa. Riding the mower with Papa proved to be a bit overwhelming for him this year, but I'm sure he'd say sitting on the mo-mo (mower) with Papa was his MN highlight:).

Caleb LOVES his Papa!!!
Feeding the ducks...
and sharing ice cream with Nana... life is good:)
One of my personal highlights home was a walk around Lake Harriot with Mom while Caleb napped in the stroller... for a few reasons: 1) Very few things in life are better to me than walking/running/rollerblading around MN lakes (especially at sunset) :) 2) I've been so sick since March, long walks have been non-existent... what a treat to feel well enough to make it around 3) I love chatting with my Ma 4) It's been a long time since I've walked Caleb through a nap and I SO enjoyed it.
Caleb and I had a chance to visit two of my good friends from high school: Monica and Laura. It was fun catching up!
Piper taught Caleb how to play dress-up
We visited so many fun parks... with DIGGERS!!... one of the greater things in life for Caleb;)
This picture will do for a 22 week belly shot:)

Caleb's first paddle boat trip
Kicking off the back end
I could't resist taking this picture... seemed like a little more than coincidance to me, while on our boat ride, to happen upon this momma duck shading her two babies... warmed my heart. ... love you two already, and can't wait to meet you:)
Another full morning... asleep again within minutes of reaching the car:)
Caleb loved playing camping with Nana (mom kept our old fisher price camping set from growing up... neat to see Caleb loving it as much as I did)

Fun day at the pool

Caleb got to ride another CHOO-CHOO!
Dustin raced in the Minneapolis Lifetime Fitness triathlon Saturday the 10th. Here we all are at a pre-race dinner with grandmas and grandpas:)
Grandma G. and Caleb playing outside:)
My sweet guy brought me flowers from the garden:)

Playing sticks outside with Grandma Bev
Playing airplane with Papa
... and horsey
... and WWF with Raja the cat
Papa is SO FUN!
The little guy and all of his grandmas and grandpas:)... (Roger and Paula flew out Friday night to visit our MN family and cheer Dustin on Saturday morning... how fun to have everyone together for a weekend!) :)
Dustin had a GREAT race day! Here he is coming out of the water.
Grandma Bev brought toys for Caleb to play with while we were waiting between transitions... so fun!
D coming in on the bike... proud of you D! :)
Caleb hanging out with his grandmas: Nana, Grandma Bev, Grandma G, and Grandma Paulie... lucky boy:)
D coming in on the run
Tanked, he gave it his all!
We all had so much fun cheering him on:)

... then the news came... he got 1st in his age group and 5th overall (out of 3,400 people)... WOW D!!!!

Caleb was pooped... what a special moment for me. He was so tired he fell asleep on my lap - something he hasn't done since he was a little guy. I was a happy momma:)
Grabbin' sleep on the run - again:)
Caleb joined Daddy on the winners podium:)

If this day could have gotten any more full or exciting, we had an Anderson family reunion the afternoon of the 10th. Over 100 Andersons gathered for a fun day at the park. Here Caleb is playing ball with is 2nd cousins.
... and another nap... :)
All rested up again, the whole family came over for dinner that evening... more ball outside!

Here we all are: the Campings, my mom's brother and sister, and their kids and grandchildren. What fun to all be together again! We love you all:)!!
Grandma Paulie and Nana playing "camping" with Caleb
The next day we headed up north to the cabin. My cousins Grace and Will and my aunt MJ and uncle Rod and aunt Holly all joined us for a few fun days at the cabin. Here we all are having dinner on the lake.
Caleb had so much fun with his cousins!
Hangin' with Will.

Caleb and his great-aunt Holly

...ahh nothing better than MN sunsets:) ...
"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." - Psalm 19:1

Hanging out with Grandma and Papa
Caleb got to go golfing with his Dadda and Papas!!! He was a happy boy! :)
Here I am with my pops and Rog showing them ultrasound pictures of the twins.
Hats flipped up... you two are lookin' good!!
Exploring gardens with grandma... I LOVE YOU GRANDMA!!
Flowers, sunshine and all three of my baby-dolls... :):)
Fun in the sun... swimming in Greg's Bay.
Sunggling on the boat with Grandma G.:)
Getting cleaned up with Grandma Paulie at the end of a fun day at the cabin!
Goodnight books with Grandma
...ya... G's got the turtle pinned, so I couldn't resist the opportunity to exercise my mad pregnancy strength in a little WWF action of my own:)

Feeding the ducks on the doc:)

Thanks EVERYONE for such a special, memorable trip home. We are truly blessed and love you all SO VERY much!
... until next summer... :)


Bev said...

It was SO much fun to see you and spend time with everyone. We are blessed to have such a wonderful family. Dustin - awesome race - looking forward to next year!
Love the pics and can't wait for Camping #4 and #5!

Grandma Paulie said...

I am so happy we were able to join in on the Minnesota fun! Had such a great time and love these pics, Oh the places Mr. Caleb has been. He is one lucky boy! He is so loved :)
See you soon, love you ALL
Dustin You ROCKED! So proud of you