Sunday, August 29, 2010

July and August Family Fun :)

The Camping family (Roger, Paula, Ryan, Erin and Ansley) visited mid-July. We hiked Horsetooth together.
The 5 of us near the rock (twins at 24 weeks)

Caleb fell alseep along the way:)

Nothing like a water bottle pillow

Playing at the park with Ansley
The Campings left July 18th. We visited Jeff, Kelly and Sierra on the 19th... peek-a-boo!
Jeff hung out with Caleb and Sierra while Kelly and I had a girls day out... thanks bro!
THEN, Uncle Bear came into town July 21st. Caleb LOVED playing with Bear!

Time to trim the growin mullet:)
Mom came in to town August 1st to visit and help set up the classroom. Caleb visited a few days and loved our library:)
Then came August 2nd... what a BIG DAY!!! Kelly went in to labor, so we drove down to meet Lily! :)
Welcome Lily Ann Haanen! We LOVE you!!! :)

Proud grandmas:)
More classroom set-up library fun:)

Back in Denver visiting Jeff, Kelly, Sierra and Lily!!
D and Lily :)
Cousin kisses:)
Proud big sister and cousin:)

Lily's first family picnic
Thnaks for sharing Sierra! :)

Love you Nana! :)
More kisses / tackle
Summer corn-on-the-cob BBQ

Swimmin' with uncle Jeff

We visited some animals at the Larimer County Fair

School started August 17th... I've loved being back in the classroom again this year:)
Erica and I are job-sharing 5th grade this year. I've got the first 1/2 of the week, and she takes the second 1/2... I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to go back to work, while still getting 2 -3 days home with Caleb every week:)
Dustin ran in a 1/2 marathon in Georgetown with our Neighbors, Sharla and Chris, mid-August... post-race smiles:)
Caleb's not sure what to make of his Dadda wading in the cold mountain stream water
After watching D run, we headed to Castle Rock to visit some good friends. Caleb got to feed horses in their back yard.

THEN, just when things couldn't get any better, Papa and Grandma came into town to play with Caleb in Estes for the week. Here Caleb is sharing Papa's ice cream cone:)

Playing in the river with Papa
Gathering pine cones and flowers on our hike
Hikin' with Grandma
On the trail with Mama (28 weeks)

Then D and Roger took Caleb fishing
Humm... worms...

Caleb wasn't sure what to make of the big catch...
D and I took Caleb on a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park last Thursday. What a beautiful day!

So, while in Estes with Papa and Grandma (while D and I worked), Caleb golfed and golfed and golfed...
... and mini-golfed...:)

Sliding with Dada and Grandma
Before Roger left last weekend, he and D tried out my car's ability to hold 3 car seats. Fits like a glove:)... still hard to believe 2 babies will fill those seats in two months:)...
Our sweet neighbors Chris and Sharla threw us a baby shower Saturday. Here I am with the girls from our small group:)
What a wonderful brunch... it was so special having so many of the people I love in one room together. Thanks guys!

Shannon and I played ball together at CSU. She's due in October. Fun to get belly shots together (twins and I rounding on 29 weeks).

Thanks girls for praying over the babies and me!
Sierra and Caleb visited for the last part of the shower... just in time to get some cake:)
Sunggling Lily after the shower:)
Ultrasound pictures to come... :)


Bev said...

I'm in tears! What a special treat this morning to see so many new pics! They make me smile and cry at the same time. The kiddos grow up so fast! Heather you look wonderful - hang in there :) Can't wait to see you in October!
Gma Bev

Erin said...

Congrats on baby Lily. So cute!!!
What a fun summer:) We miss you guys.

Gayle said...

Thanks for the new pictures. Heather, you love absolutely beautiful, Dustin, you just plain handsome and Caleb, you are so cute I wish I could just hug and kiss you right now. Hope to see you soon. I love all 5 of you!