Sunday, June 26, 2011

MORE Firsts!!! :)

... and I thought we'd experienced lots of first last month... this month, Caleb moved to a big-boy-bed and got potty trained, we stopped swaddling the twins, the twins moved to a 9 - 11 morning nap and 2 - 4:30 afternoon nap, they ride upright in the stroller (instead of riding around in their car seats) and are scoochin' and movin' all over the floor. All 3 bathe together in the tub some nights. All 3 kids go to bed at the same time (8ish) and wake up around the same time (7:30ish) We're all in a good groove. Life is good... honestly this last month has held for me some of the best moments and memories of my life. Thank you, Lord, so very much!!!

Twins sitting up together at the end of May
Caleb's neighborhood buddies:) ... it's been so fun watching him make friends (and learn how to -and how not to:)- be a good friend)
Love these precious moments
Caleb and I on a morning bike adventure... found geese eggs :)... LOVE exploring with this kid! :)
When D travels, Caleb is such a great help :). Here he is helping with night-time bottles :)

Caleb in his big-boy bed
LOVE morning snuggles... it's become a routine... they love starting the day playing in Caleb's bed :)
SO fun watching them grow up together
... twins :)
Roger, Paula and Dustin's grandparents, Judy and Paul make spent a week in Estes visiting. We were able to spend a majority of the week with them in Estes... super-special family time for us :)
Caleb sleeping in a big-boy bed in the Estes cabin
Roger, Paula, Judy and Paul with the twins
Elk "huntin" with Caleb :)
Judy helping me feed the twins
Papa Golf got Caleb his own set of clubs... they had so much fun playing together :)

"Explorin" with D, Caleb and the twins in Estes... SO FUN!!!
... I learned that all sticks are really swords :)
Papa Golf helpin with bathtime

My sweet buddy :)
... and more swords :)
Came down the mountain from Estes and headed straight for Urgent Care. Poor Ethan had an ear infection and pink eye...
Caleb, Dustin and Moriah waiting for E and me to get out of Urgent Care.
... Felt so bad for him... was better in 24 hours. SO thankful for medicine!!!
Moriah enjoying the new-found freedom that comes with being able to sit up :)

Dustin and I have SO enjoyed music class with the babies:)
The twins with Paula, Judy and Paul getting ready for a hike in Estes
LOVED our first family hike!!! :)
E and me at the top :)
Caleb playing on the rocks at the top
D and Caleb seeing how cool different rocks flying off the cliff can sound... :)
Caleb hiked almost the whole way down... :)
More golf back at the cabin
Roger telling Caleb night-time stories
Helpin' me fold :)
Caleb and Roger at the golf course in Estes
More explorin'

Dustin and I had an opportunity to get away together for 2 days while Roger and Paula stayed with the kids. We did the Elephant Rock century (100 miles) ride in Castle Rock, then spent the evening in a hotel... amazing time away.

Happy girl!! :)
So, no joke... we came home from our trip to a fully potty-trained 2 1/2 year-old... we could hardly believe it! Paulie and Rog... you guys are AMAZING ! :) Thank you!
... favorite part of folding... finding Caleb's new underware :):)
Now that they're both sitting up, they get to bathe in the ducky:)

We love these little beautiful moments that present themself in the business of our days... Moriah's little feet :)
First banana chunks :)
Music class :)
Wrestlin' with dadda
Caleb and I love building all kinds of contraptions and ramps for his cars :)

No more swaddle :)

Park picnic
First time on the swing

They both put up with so much from each other... :)

Playing with the neighborhood kids :)
D playing with the neighborhood kids... :):)
Caleb playing fireman with the babies
... making baby food

Caleb started swim lessons last month. Caleb's not a huge fan of the water... the first week was parents with kids (m-th), the second just kids in the water with their teacher.
Ethan and Moriah hanging out during swim lessons
Feeding Moriah during lessons
Mid-June... E getting ready to crawl
These sweet babies have gotten real good at just hangin'. Here they are playing while Caleb swims.
... my sweet orderly boy :)
Caleb and Sierra at the pool
Ethan, Moriah and Lily :)
Bath time :)
Kelly and I ventured to the pool with all 5 together last month... :) we made it and even had fun! :)

Caleb and me at lessons
... oh ya and it was time... we got a mini-van :)

... fancy night out at a friend's wedding. FUN night! :)

... ended up leaving the wedding at 10:30 and heading to Old Town with some friend until 12:30. Way too late :) ... SUPER fun break :)
Happy Father's Day D! We love you SO much!
... still can hardly believe it... he just goes to the bathroom on his own. :)
THEN came Caleb's trip to Urgent Care... double pink eye... :(
Caleb's second week of swimming... putting his head all the way under... huge growth for my sorta-scared-of-the-water boy :)
Hanging out at lessons :)
Caleb, his teacher and swim-lesson buddies :)

We made a trip to the Denver Zoo with Kelly, Sierra and Lily last week... So cute to watch these two together... best buddies (most of the time) :).


lunch time
... did it... :) ... and even had fun :)

Ethan stood for the first time last week... didn't just hold on to the toy - pile-drove it :)... funny boy! :)

Ethan, Moriah and Lily :)
Family pool picnic :)

Both Ethan and Moriah seem to love the water... more than Caleb did anyway :)

D's Loveland Triathlon last week... bringing 3 to cheer him on all morning is a bit more challenging than 1... but we did it :)

waiting for Dadda to ride in
Congrats Dadda!! :)

So cute... Caleb insistant on helpin' Dadda walk his bike to the car :)
Pool day at home

Food storage :)
July 1st, Ethan up on his knees, able to scoot and crawl backwards :)
Happy early 4th! :)

Helpin' Dadda wash the car :)
Neighborhood bike parade
Park picnic with Jeff, Kelly, Sierra and Lily

Fun playing in the water

Crazy boys... ya, it's what you think... on that note, happy 4th :)
"I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full." - John 10:14

You are so beautiful, Jesus. Thank you so much for walking with us, leading us, filling us... and loving us. Cover us in your peace and love as we continue to seek your face in all we do:).


Lynn Haanen said...

So enjoyed these photos...every one so precious! Children are such blessings! Thanks for taking the time to journal all of the fun you've been having. Can't wait to join in. :-)

Erin said...

Love seeing pictures of these growing kiddos! We miss you guys!

Bev said...

Wow - Dustin & Heather, you are amazing. So much activity, so much work, so much fun, so many smiles, giggles, joy. Thanks for sharing your journey. Can't wait to see you all!