Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Here's the LATEST...

9:00am - Wednesday 

So I'm sitting at the Orthopaedic Center of The Rockies right now in Loveland.  We just had a meeting with Dr. Baer.  GOOD NEWS first of all... She likely does not have a torn ACL.  We will have confirmation of that down the road when we have an MRI done.  After having x-rays taken again 30 minutes ago, it has been recommended that she.....sorry for the delay... I was blogging as Dr. Baer was recasting her hand and had to reset it again and make a minor adjustment.  That is never a pleasant experience.  We have decided to follow the advice of Dr. Baer and his team to have surgery on her fractured tibial plateau.  She will have a plate and screws inserted to fix the break as best as possible.  The reason for doing the surgery is to prolong the likely chance of arthritis developing in her knee.  Without surgery, and this kind of injury, she would likely develop arthritis in 3-5 years.  With it, it may be 15-20 years or longer.  Obviously, we are praying for ultimate healing and no chance for arthritis to ever kick in.  Here's a few pics taken just 2 minutes ago.  

Please pray as she will undergo surgery at 2:30pm today at Medical Center of the Rockies.  She will receive a spinal (epidural) to numb her lower half.  That is the safest and most precautious for Baby Camping and her.  We have had a detailed conversation with Dr. Priebe (our baby doctor) and he has no major concerns and has full confidence in Dr. Baer and his team.  I will keep you all updated!

Love you all, 



Brad said...

Hey you guys, thanks for the updates, and we'll be prayin' a little extra during surgery today - God bless!

Brad, Sara, Grant and Dylan

Grandma Camping said...

Prayers are going up everywhere. it will be ok.
baby camping has quite the story already:)
We are praising God for him.
Love you 3 and can't wait to get up there.
grandma paulie

Luanne Unger said...

You are in our prayers and have been during this tough ya, Phil and Luanne