Thursday, August 7, 2008

I forgot to thank a couple of gentleman!

With all the chaos of yesterday, I forgot to mention a HUGE THANKS to two doctors who made it all a success.  Without them, I don't know where she would be.  See pictures below!

I figured y'all needed some light-hearted humor to reassure you that even through all of this, I'm still not normal:)  
In all seriousness though, Heather's doing well and last night was a fairly good night.  She attempted to get up with the assistance of a few nurses to go to the bedside potty.  Notice how I said the "assistance of two bedside nurses" and left myself out of it?  DANG!  I've done so well through all of our experiences during this pregnancy: incident heading to San Diego and landing in New Mexico, food poisoning and cleaning her up, needles, resets of her broken wrist, and draining blood from her knee.  But it all caught up to me at 1am this morning.  As she attempted the process of going to the bathroom at the bedside portable, a combination of the middle of the night and the amount of discomfort and pain she was experiencing while moving, I got very light-headed and whoozy.  So, I took a timeout and laid down on my little bed next to her while she called another nurse to help out.  What a panzy I am... Two nurses helping my wife in pain, and I'm chillin' on the couch watching, or rather staring at the ceiling and attempting to gain my bearings.  I recovered quickly and didn't hurl:)  We just enjoyed a beautiful sunrise this morning and are hoping for a great first day as we meet with the physical therapy staff soon and she'll begin the journey!  

Until later,  Love the 3 of us 


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you guys are both okay and that Baby Camping is fine too! My dad and I are both glad that the surgery went well! We will both keep praying for you!

Dave and Bri

Ryan and Erin said...

SO glad everything went well yesterday and the healing process can begin!

Grandma Camping said...

I'm lovin the blue cast :) Good choice
Well, the surgery is behind you now so let the HEALING begin. We are praying for perfect & speedy healing. Nothin is too big for GOD ya know :)
Love u so much