Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Great news!  Heather and Baby Camping passed through surgery with flying colors.  It was a successful surgery that lasted 2 1/2 hours.  Baby was a champ (that's my boy:)) throughout the whole process and kept his steady heartbeat and movement through the entire procedure.  She did experience a bit of minor contractions halfway through the operation and the doctor gave her some medication to calm the contractions.  The epidural process was fairly smooth but the effects of it during operation were interesting.  There was a substantial amount of pressure and pulling as Dr. Baer inserted the plate and screws into here tibia plateau area.  She was awake during the entire process and could feel the pressure and pulling but no pain.  YIKES I say!  As I'm sitting here blogging next to Heather, I'm asking her about her 3 standout points of the surgery: 1) The smell of her burning skin as they cut and cauterized  2)  Dr. Baer hammering the screws in over and over for a lengthy period of time  3) "Heather, you're having some minor contractions".  However, and more importantly, the staff here is unbelievable.  We are truly in the best hands.  The anaesthesiologist was so comforting and amazing to Heather throughout.  The nurses, especially Karlye were awesome and so loving.  Dr. Baer was exceptional as we expected.  She even got to listen to her IPOD during surgery!  And finally, we fully believe and trust the power and calming of all the prayers being said in Arizona, Minnesota, here and everywhere by our family, friends and those that have been asked to pray that we don't even know.
We just got some visitors and I've included some post-operation pictures to enjoy.  I'll blog tomorrow from the hospital about the recovery process when I get details.  Till then, keep praying!  D

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