Saturday, August 30, 2008

30 Weeks and Swimmin' :)

What a day!  I never thought I'd get this excited to get my wife into a swimming pool, but I was.  We had a great time and Heather did her first therapy session.  We worked on pulling and pushing her leg through the water back and forth, extending her leg all the way as straight as possible and bending (flexion) her knee to almost a 90 degree angle.  It wasn't painful, but definitely uncomfortable.  But that's what it's supposed to be during therapy right?  She was a little girl out there, smiling cheek to cheek (as you can see for yourself in the pics below), and loving every bit of sunshine left in the day.  This was not only good for her leg but also for her soul:)  We actually got in the pool again today and laid out by the pool at Miramont.  I'm convinced my wife gets a necessary vitamin when getting a little sunshine on a regular basis.  Wednesday is a doctor's visit day and we hope she'll be getting her cast off and moving to a splint:)  Love you all, D & Ha


Lynn Haanen said...

Love that smile!! What joy for Heather to be able to be in the water and the sunshine!! Healing prayers are being answer day by day.
I'm so thankful for this blog! It is such a comfort to all of us who are so far away!

Anonymous said...

Awww! I am so happy for you guys and so glad that you are feeling a little better!

Ryan and Erin said...

Must have felt SO good to get out in the sun and move! Your belly is looking super cute Heather.